wear your mask no more

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One thing’s for certain…i am an emotional eater. I survived dieting during the biggest holiday occasions and now what?! I think emotional eating will sabotage my weight. I know i need to divert my attention to something else. Been down for quite some time. I’ve been stressing myself to the things i have no control of. If i can just have a break and sleep for the entire 2014, i would. Basically, i am a “work and home” person but now… I am tired of home and I am tired of work. I don’t know, i just wanna float and follow the wind as it travels to places. *sigh

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happy new year sir tony! Anong new year's resolution mo?
Sir tony:
happy new year! Sana magka-boyfriend ka na ngayong 2014!
eh hindi naman yun resolution eh! Wish un eh! Hahah pero malabo un sir! Haha :)))

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How to spend your money with less than 5 days

My 10k, bow.

2 for my daddy
Which makes him so happy
2 more for the phone bill
Or the DSL they will kill

1 for the christmas party
And 500 for the taxi
1 I have to pay the mercury
For the meds for my sickness and allergy

500 for my mom’s debt to my brother
Another 500 to my youngest sister
600 for the money I borrowed from my colleague
Coz i ran out of money these past few weeks

400 for my survival until next payday
Or i will have to work on my restday
1500 i’m still keeping
Which i’ve been planning to spend for my baking

—— Ayun na ang inantay ko ng 11 months. Ambilis lang dumaan sa kamay. Di ko pa nabili ung mga talagang gusto kong bilihin.